Forum Educational Travel is a sister company of Forum Music Festivals.  Founded over twenty-five years ago, we’ve hosted thousands of music groups at our own festival events and arranged their travel details.
We’re excited to branch out with Forum Educational Travel.  Our clients have enjoyed traveling with us and encouraged us to offer our personalized service for student trips all across the country.  Our vision for Forum Educational Travel is to develop and build on meaningful relationships by providing the same quality and worry-free experiences on customized student trips.
Whether you are looking for a world-class trip of a lifetime or a multi-day trip on a budget, we custom build every package to YOUR specific needs and requirements.
Your time is valuable.  You have many choices and we want working with Forum to be easy and enjoyable.   We care about our clients and we hope you’ll use us as a resource in the coming year.
Discover Forum Educational Travel!  Here’s to another wonderful year of adventure!