Visiting Boston

Student travel to Boston captures the best of many worlds. Exploring the Greater Boston area means discovering the country’s great universities, walking in the footsteps of our Founding Fathers (and Mothers), diving into all genres of music and culture, and learning the quirky lingo of the Bostonians. Forum Educational Travel will help you plan the trip of a lifetime for your students to the great city of Boston.

Student tours MUST take in the essential landmarks of Boston…

Explore Boston’s iconic neighborhoods.

Other “don’t miss” experiences in and around Boston:

  • Tour Fenway Park for a behind the scenes look at this beloved 94-year-old ballpark.
  • Stroll through history at John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum beautifully set on ten waterfront acres a few subway stops from Downtown.
  • Get a thrill with a Ghost Tour with hauntings tied to the Revolutionary War.
  • Play a historic Scavenger Hunt with your students.
  • Feed your teen group with a tour guide who intertwines history and fun with a North End Pizza Tour or a Boston Seafood Lovers Tour.
  • Hear the stories at the Salem Witch Museum and the House of the Seven Gables in nearby Salem.
  • Literary history is here! Visit Walden Pond, The Old Manse which Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote “Nature” and The Orchard House where Louisa May Alcott wrote “Little Women.” All within reach of Boston in nearby Concord, Massachusetts.

Boston is an energetic, lively city with something for everyone. At Forum Educational Travel, our itinerary is tailored for the interests and budget of your student group. Contact us today to unwrap awe-inspiring reasons to visit the impressive city of Boston. or email

Ready to test your Bostonian lingo?

  1. What is “Dunks?” (Dunkin’ Donuts – opened in 1948 in Quincy, Mass)
  2. If you have a “tonic,” what are you doing? (Drinking a soda)
  3. Thirsty? Find a “Bubbler” (pronounced Bubblah – water fountain)
  4. Boston can get “wicked” cold in the winter. Huh? (It can also get VERY cold.)
  5. Let’s pick up a “grinder” for lunch. (Term for sandwich)
  6. “No Suh.”  That did not happen! No way!
  7. “Yah huh.”  It sure did. Oh, yes it did!
  8. “The Hub” aka “the center of the solar system.” (Boston coined by Oliver Wendell Holmes – Never Beantown)
  9. “The Sox and the Pats” are what? (Boston Red Sox and the New England Patriots sports teams)
  10. What do you put in a “barrel?” (garbage)
  11. When you wear your “Dungahs,” what are you wearing? (Blue jeans or dungarees)
  12. You missed your street – better “bang a ‘uey.” (Make a U-turn)
  13. Better grab a “carriage” at the Market Basket. (Shopping cart)
  14. Do you want “jimmies” on your cupcake? (Sprinkles)

How did you do?  Plan a visit to Boston to find out!