Washington D.C. Remains the Perfect Student Destination for All

Washington D.C. is an essential trip for all students. Seeing the past and present come to life shapes their understanding of our government structure and the importance of civic duty. It is a vibrant city showcasing our country’s culture and history, with plenty to keep your students of any curriculum engaged. We have compiled a few of our favorite offerings to inspire:  

  1. Experience a guided tour of Arlington National Cemetery. The Tram Tour is a must for groups to see this hallowed space. With live narration and hop-on/hop-off stops, your students will be able to learn and see more of this space than on foot and ask questions to fully experience and understand this incredible landmark.
  1. The Smithsonian Institution offers an incredible collection of museums, galleries, and a world-renowned zoo for students to explore for free! These exhibits are a great resource for student groups to create a full and enriching itinerary on a budget. 
  1. Of course, the National Mall is another must-see collection of monuments and memorials for your students. Walk through these breathtaking spaces or see them from the comfort of a bus with hop-on/hop-off service. For a unique experience, you can even walk them by moonlight with an Illuminated Tour! For performing groups, the National Mall offers the opportunity for your musicians to perform at one of the many monuments or memorials for an unforgettable experience.  
  1. Ford’s Theatre is the site of one of this country’s most devastating historical events and offers an incredible museum showcasing on Lincoln’s presidency and after math of his assassination. Not only can you tour this historic site, but it also serves as a functioning playhouse where you can see incredible theatre performances, workshops, and presentations. 

Don’t wait to start planning your D.C. adventure today! We are happy to compile a custom quote perfect for whatever group you may bring, and check out our Washington D.C. itinerary for more inspiration!